2024 Schedule

The Dominican Republic

January - Project Ruth, Dominican Republic - Men's Ministry Glad Tidings, Florida

April - Project Ruth, Dominican Republic - National First Responders, RD

Calvary Care Quick Response

February 22 -25 

Nassau, Bahamas

Basic Chaplaincy Training

Community Chaplaincy Training


March - Ministry Leadership Seminars and Educational Workshops.

Cayman Islands

March - Basic Chaplaincy Training

The Bahamas

May - Hope Plaza, Nassau Bahamas - Training for First Responders

Zambia - Month of July

Zambia - OPEC is our vision for assisting First Responders and Chaplains in Zambia, and consist of a four-fold approach.

  1. Offer - Continuing Education Programs for Chaplains and First Responders throughout the nation.
  2. Provide - Personal Development Seminars for The Ministry of Defense Personnel.
  3. Establish - Community Chaplaincy within Churches throughout the nation and region.
  4. Collaborate - Through collaboration develop joint Crisis/Disaster Response Efforts.